HLF grant awarded: the story so far

St John the Baptist, Outwood, has won initial support from The Heritage Lottery Fund to repair the stonework of the church and save the building for future generations

The HLF has awarded £24,300 of development funding to help St John’s carry out initial project work to investigate the costs of the repairs. This initial funding will enable St John’s Parochial Church Council (PCC) to progress its plans in the next six mnths and to apply for a full grant to carry out the repairs later in 2017. The funding will help the PCC to develop the church building also as a place where members of the community can meet and socialise in pleasant surroundings, as well as becoming a focus of local heritage, history displays and cultural events, and a place where the local community and visitors to the village will be able to find out more about the Church and its historical sicvnificance. The PCC will welcome contributions of historical of local information from the local community. There will also be an opportunity to talk about the project with the team at St John’s. For more infomation and opportunities to get involved, please email rosie.yeldham@gmail.com or call 07957 680449

The planning application has been submitted and received no objections. An application has been made to the Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC) and we are now in the public consultation stage following their recommendations.

At the end of May we had our bat survey carried out and there are indications that we have two pipistrelle bats and a long eared bat infeequently using the church. This is not seen as an obstacle, just something that we need to work around when it comes to carrying out the repair work.

We are working with the National Trust and will have more information, soon, on how this development will make the church more useful as an information point for the area.